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King of the Red Lions "Hey!"
The Windwaker


Tingle "WOW!"
Tingle Tingle


The engineer goes "nope"
TF2 nope.avi


Hooray! Yay!
The Windwaker


My body is ready Reggie.
President of Nintendo of America


Zeldathon Annoucer man!

Team Breakers

The Windwaker

Team Fixers

The Windwaker

Team Palindrome

Sick soundclip pilcdnuos kciS
The Windwaker

Team Ect

Everything else
The Windwaker

Game over

Sega Rally

Button 17

Who put that here?

person_pinDonation Sounds

Total Name Origin Links
$1.00 Rupee Twilight Princess play_arrow file_download 
$5.00 Small item get The Windwaker play_arrow file_download 
$10.00 Large item get Windwaker play_arrow file_download 
$25.00 Small item get Twilight Princess play_arrow file_download 
$50.00 Item get Skyward Sword play_arrow file_download 
$100.00 Heart container get Windwaker play_arrow file_download 
$250.00 Key item get Skyward Sword play_arrow file_download 
$500.00 Key item get Twilight Princess play_arrow file_download 
$1000.00 Movement 4 - A Link ot the Past Symphony of the Goddesses play_arrow file_download 

live_helpSecret Donation Sounds

Total Name Origin Links
$1.05 Bobby Brown Every Little Step play_arrow file_download 
$6.31 Shoop631 Zeldathon Announcer play_arrow file_download 
$6.66 Miniblins Windwaker play_arrow file_download 
$7.77 Great Fairy Laugh OOT/MM play_arrow file_download 
$9.75 Platform 9 3/4 - report_problem 
$10.01 SouperMCGamer One of us, one of us play_arrow file_download 
$10.10 Titus Laugh Final Fantasy X play_arrow file_download 
$10.59 Well exuuuuse me princess Legend of Zelda Cartoon play_arrow file_download 
$10.61 And remember, dont get blasted - report_problem 
$10.93 Squadala, were off! Zelda CDI play_arrow file_download 
$11.11 That's awesome! Jyggy11 play_arrow file_download 
$12.00 It's High Noon McCree - Overwatch play_arrow file_download 
$12.13 Nope - report_problem 
$12.20 Release the Kraken - report_problem 
$12.34 It's cool, just cool. Into the mouth - report_problem movie
$12.99 Amiibo Jingle Price of an Amiibo play_arrow file_download 
$13.12 Drums then Hunger games whistle - report_problem 
$17.00 17 is the number for me Bill Wurtz play_arrow file_download 
$17.38 seventeen thirty-eight Fetty Wap - Trap Queen play_arrow file_download 
$17.40 Yes! Yes! M. Bison play_arrow file_download 
$18.69 AT SOUP Code MENT play_arrow file_download 
$19.44 Pretty good - report_problem 
$19.53 Wilhem Scream The Charge at Feather River play_arrow file_download 
$19.68 YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA The Room play_arrow file_download 
$19.69 Space, space, wana go to space Space Core - Portal 2 play_arrow file_download 
$19.72 LIQUID, BROTHER Metal Gear play_arrow file_download 
$19.83 Woah, nice graphics! Zelda commerical play_arrow file_download 
$19.86 Zelda I sounds + OH YEAH! - report_problem 
$19.88 Inconceivable! Princess Bride play_arrow file_download 
$19.90 Level up jingle Fire Emblem play_arrow file_download 
$19.93 Bomb some dodongos! Zelda CDI play_arrow file_download 
$19.96 Dixie Kong Victory Theme Donkey Kong Country 2 play_arrow file_download 
$19.98 Banjo Kazooie - report_problem 
$19.99 Well done! Pokemon Snap play_arrow file_download 
$20.01 Startup Jingle Nintendo Gamecube play_arrow file_download 
$20.02 Secret Startup Jingle Nintendo Gamecube play_arrow file_download 
$20.03 Ironside Siren Kill Bill play_arrow file_download 
$20.07 Brotherman Bill Terrible Tim play_arrow file_download 
$20.13 A Link Between Worlds - JACKPOT! - report_problem 
$20.14 Did he just walk up slowly PeoplesChamp play_arrow file_download 
$20.16 Here comes DAT BOI The Beetles got memed on play_arrow file_download 
$20.20 Fox taunt sounds from smash - report_problem 
$21.30 Startup jingle Game Boy Advanced play_arrow file_download 
$22.00 Beetle BYE! Windwaker play_arrow file_download 
$22.10 2+2 = BILLION Bill Wurtz play_arrow file_download 
$23.10 Jackpot! *DEKU* - report_problem 
$27.50 ARE YOU LISTENING? - report_problem 
$30.00 Mah boi Zelda CDI play_arrow file_download 
$30.86 JUST DO IT Shai LaBeouf play_arrow file_download 
$31.41 I baked you a pie! ASDF play_arrow file_download 
$33.33 Oh baby a triple! MLG video play_arrow file_download 
$36.00 Dolla dolla Here comes the money play_arrow file_download 
$39.40 Turn to page 394 Snape play_arrow file_download 
$40.40 NO GOD PLEASE NO The Office play_arrow file_download 
$47.00 Donation! *you rock* The Silver play_arrow file_download 
$50.06 You could stop at 5 or 6 stores Or just one play_arrow file_download 
$50.30 I am error Navi windows crash - report_problem 
$60.00 Oh my giddy aunt - report_problem 
$60.27 IMMA FIRIN MA LAZOR BLARG play_arrow file_download 
$64.00 Lanky trombone - report_problem 
$65.02 Startup jingle Nintendo Famicom play_arrow file_download 
$66.00 Execute order 66 Star Wars play_arrow file_download 
$69.12 Dial up sounds - report_problem 
$69.68 Objection sunshine court - report_problem 
$69.69 Careless Whispers <3 play_arrow file_download 
$70.13 Inception gong Inception play_arrow file_download 
$77.77 Chance time! - report_problem 
$90.01 And this is to go even further beyond Dragon Ball play_arrow file_download 
$99.99 Andy Scream - report_problem 
$100.07 Goldeneye 007 Theme N64 play_arrow file_download 
$105.00 OOO BANANA Donkey Kong 64 play_arrow file_download 
$108.92 Mortal Kombat - report_problem 
$121.07 Wise words from Gaspra - report_problem 
$143.00 Wont you be my neighbor? - report_problem 
$157.52 Vitas 7th Element play_arrow file_download 
$173.80 Thunderscott + Poptart Fetty Wap - report_problem 
$193.00 Time to D-D-DUEL (Remix) - report_problem 
$201.10 Tadtones Skyward Sword play_arrow file_download 
$251.00 John Cena theme He weighs 251 lbs. play_arrow file_download 
$280.50 Your a kid now, your a squid now! DJ CUTMAN play_arrow file_download 
$300 This is madness, this is sparta! 300 (Movie) play_arrow file_download 
$360.00 Here comes the money! Dolla dolla play_arrow file_download 
$524.16 Play of the game Overwatch play_arrow file_download 
$623.00 Sonic Krusty Krab Pizza Remix play_arrow file_download 
$999.99 Start of ALttP Movement - Rupoor Jingle - report_problem 
$1000.17 ALttP Credits ALttp play_arrow file_download 
$1337.00 ALttP MEME MEME MEME MEME play_arrow file_download